Rachael Wyman is a change agent in early childhood development. Her philosophy for childcare is focused on going back to the basics with play-based learning.

Rachael started her journey in childcare as a nanny for children with special needs. As her passion for childhood development grew, she took the necessary steps to earn her child development associate (CDA) credentials and her director’s credentials.
In 2008, Rachael began working in childcare centers in South Florida and has been a VPK teacher for the past nine years. She has since been a director for a childcare center in the Port St. Lucie/Fort Pierce, FL area where she has been a part of their expansion by opening three additional locations from the ground up.
As a mother of three, Rachael is a strong believer in putting children first. She is passionate about sharing her philosophy in early childhood development and plans to do just that with her most recent investment in Beaches Academy in the Jacksonville, FL area.
Rachael’s dream has been to own a childcare facility where she is able to make an impact in the world of early childhood development and create a space where children are able to do what they do best, be themselves.