Open House

The center holds a parent orientation meeting in September to familiarize VPK parents with the parent handbook, the layout of the center and playgrounds, as well as the curriculum.

A general open house for all age groups is held in the fall.

Parent Conferences

At least twice a year teachers meet with their child's teacher to review the progress and assessments for a particular time period.

Parents' Night Out

One Friday night during the winter from 6 pm until midnight, the Beaches Academy staff provide complimentary childcare for our clients. This is a “gift” to our parents so they may shop, go to dinner or just have an evening out.


During the last week of VPK, a ceremony promoting the children from preschool to kindergarten is held to celebrate each child's achievements.

Children perform songs, skits and recite poems for the audience of parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors and teachers who reward the children's efforts with applause and pride.

Each child is awarded a graduation certificate and keeps the tassel from their graduation.

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